Should You Upsize Your Rims and Tyres?

Things to Think About When Plus Sizing Wheels and Tyres

Where wheel and tyre size are concerned, bigger isn’t always better. Most of today’s new vehicles come standard with 16-18” tyres. However, with plus sizing, you can increase its wheel diameter from 1-8” beyond the stock tyre size. Below are several important things to know about wheel and tyre plus sizing.

Appearances Aren’t Everything

Bigger wheels may look great, but they come at a price: a reduced sidewall height. A tyre’s sidewall is the area between the wheel edge and the pavement. When sidewalls are bigger, there’s more of a cushion between the vehicle and the road surface; and many off-road vehicles with 18-20” tyres have rather narrow sidewalls. Plus sizing may result in better handling and appearance, but it might come at the expense of driving and riding comfort.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Plus Sizing

The wider and shorter tyres are, the more effectively they handle and corner. Other advantages of wide pirelli tyres online include a better turning radius, increased acceleration, and greater stopping power. Large tyres also affect road response in other ways, including stability and traction control.

However, when selecting wheels and tyres packages, there are drawbacks to consider. For example, large-diameter tyres and 4X4 rims may cause increased brake wear, accelerating your maintenance schedule and replacement interval. Furthermore, it takes additional engine power to get large-diameter wheels and tyres moving, which puts a greater burden on your 4×4’s driveline. Finally, when the wheel and tyre combo’s rolling diameter is changed, the speedometer reading will be inaccurate.

Additional Considerations

Some drivers choose taller tyres to increase an off-road vehicle’s ground clearance, while others do it for aesthetic reasons. While super-sized mag wheels Brisbane cut an imposing figure, you may have to upgrade the brakes and 4X4 suspension kits as well.

Wider tyres and a different wheel offset may cause rubbing on the outer fenders and inside of wheel wells. These problems are often solved by rolling fenders to create additional clearance, but such modifications may adversely affect suspension and steering geometry, as well as vehicle stability and alignment.

In Closing

Changing your wheels and tyres from their stock sizing to wider or taller models has its pros and cons. While it’s not an imperative upgrade for commuters, off-road enthusiasts who value performance and aesthetics may find it easier to accept the drawbacks to help their 4x4s stand out. Check out our full selection of 18 inch rims and Speedy wheels online, or call us to chat with a friendly, knowledgeable wheels and tyres sydney specialist.