Tyre Pressures


Recommended tyre inflation pressures for your motorcycle can be found either in your vehicle owner’s manual or on your vehicle’s tyre placard. However Metzeler has found that air pressure suggestions as shown in the (based on load) table below will improve mileage and customer satisfaction.

Check cold tyre pressures frequently. Correct tyre pressure is crucial for safe handling. Tyre pressures are related to loads, speeds and motorcycle handling and are vital for even braking, maximum traction and good tyre life. Over inflation may impair ride comfort and reduce the contact patch between the tyre and driving surface of the tyres. Insufficient air pressure will result in poor handling and cause a tendency for the motorcycle to "wander".

In addition, improper and insufficient tyre pressure will cause accelerated tyre wear, increased fuel consumption, less control and the possibilities for tyre failure to due an overload/under inflated operating situation.

Underinflation causes excessive flexing, deterioration of the tyre and rapid wear of the tread edges. Overinflation results in an uncomfortable ride, a reduced area of tyre contact with the road surface (i.e., smaller tyre footprint), higher susceptibility to impact damage and rapid wear on the tread center.

Under no circumstances should your tyre’s cold inflation pressure be less than that indicated in your motorcycle owner’s manual or on your motorcycle’s tyre placard or higher than the maximum cold inflation pressure molded onto the tyre’s sidewall.

Inflation pressure must be checked at least once a month and should be checked only when the tyre is cold or before it has been ridden. Riding even a short distance (1km or 2 to 3 minutes) causes tyres to heat up and the air pressure to increase approximately 4 psi.

In case it is necessary to adjust the air pressure in the tyres that have been riden, the air pressure should be increased to a gauge reading of 4 psi. higher than the recommended cold inflation pressure.

For Example Only:

Gauge Reading of Hot Tyre: 27 psi.

Recommended Cold Inflation Pressure: 26 psi.

Desired Gauge Reading of Hot Tyre: 26 psi. 4 psi. = 30 psi.

Therefore: Add 3 psi.

Check cold inflation pressure on tyres, at least by the next day. Never reduce or “bleed” air from hot tyres since your tyres will then be underinflated when they cool down. Always use a reliable pressure gauge.

Visual inspection before the ride should be for punctures, cuts, abrasions, and remaining tread depth. If you suspect the tyre has been damaged immediately have the tyre inspected by a Metzeler dealer.